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动画片《深海探秘 The Deep》是BBC少儿频道CBBC今年推出的新作品,根据Tom Taylor的漫画小说改编,原著曾获得澳大利亚幻想文学奥瑞丽斯大奖(Aurealis Awards);讲述Nekton一家的海底探险故事。片中小朋友们将跟随几位探险家开启精彩的水下之旅,见识水下的奇妙生物,以及神秘的深海之城。
《深海探秘 The Deep》可以看做是《海底探险小纵队 The Octonauts》的大童版,后者适合学龄前孩子观看;而The Deep适合6到12岁的小朋友。
Episode 01: Here Be Dragons
A dragon-hunting expedition leads Ant to find an ancient scroll that holds clues to an amazing mystery. But his family are trapped by the dragon.

Episode 02: The Dark Orca
The Dark Orca pirates attack. To escape, Kaiko has to guide the Aronnax through an erupting, undersea volcano.

Episode 03: A.I.M.Y.
A new artificial intelligence running the sub takes over completely. Can Ant outwit AIMY and save the day?

Episode 04: Digging Deeper
The object that Will and Ant are retrieving from the deepest part of the ocean is not what they expected. Is it a weapon?

Episode 05: The Devil's Sea Mystery
Are aliens stealing things from an island and dragging them underwater? Ant believes that's perfectly reasonable.

Episode 06: Lonesome Jim
Someone just stole the rarest tortoise in the world and the Nektons are searching for it. But the man who stole it secretly wants to capture them too.

Episode 07: Captured
Captain Hammerhead captures the Nektons aboard his sub. But his vessel is shonky, rusty and going to sink at any moment.

Episode 08: The Test
To find a piece of the mysterious Ephemychron, the Nektons have to fight off whirlpools, zero visibility and giant, robotic jellyfish.

Episode 09: Fossil
The Nektons explore an underwater cave system inhabited by huge, prehistoric crocodiles. Ant befriends a new hatchling, much to the annoyance of its mother.

Episode 10: Colossal Squid
Ant and Fontaine hunt for the rarest of ocean creatures, the colossal squid. But it turns out to be smarter than them and thinks they look tasty.

Episode 11: Monster Hunter
The Nektons meet online superstar Devil Daniels, who will stop at nothing to reach the fame that he seeks.

Episode 12: The Phantom Sub
Ant believes that a ghost sub is at sail somewhere out in the ocean - but when he actually finds it, the truth is even stranger.

Episode 13: The Abyss Stares Back
While diving into a rare 'blue hole', a sinkhole in the middle of the sea, strange things begin to happen to the Nektons.

Episode 14: The Junior Nektons
Ant and Fontaine have to deal with young fans visiting the Aronnax when they have to rescue a whale calf.

Episode 15: Treasure of the Islanders
Dolos has sold two maps leading to the same treasure - one to the Nektons, the other to the pirates! Now it's a race to get there first.

Episode 16: Tunnel
As the Nektons explore a mysterious tunnel behind a huge undersea waterfall, strange creatures and strong currents surprise them at every turn.

Episode 17: The Sunken Gallery
The Nektons are arrested for stealing. Ant and Fontaine escape to prove their innocence, but whoever set them up is already two steps ahead.

Episode 18: Field of Giants
Fontaine and Smiling Finn get stuck inside a giant clam as the dark orca pirates battle the Nektons for the giant pearl within.

Episode 19: The Proteus Factor
Proteus, leader of the mysterious Guardians, traps the Aronnax in a magnetic field and kidnaps Ant, believing he is the key to finding Lemuria.

Episode 20: The Sirens Song
Devil Daniels, Monster Hunter, attempts to hunt a siren - a mythical creature whose song lures sailors to their doom.

Episode 21: Bad Luck Fish
A fish invades Jeffrey's home on the Aronnax. How can she get rid of it and its bad luck?

Episode 22: Strange Migration
The Rover is swallowed by a huge prehistoric shark. Will and Fontaine manage to cling to its gills just inside its mouth.

Episode 23: Bloop
The Nektons are trying to identify a unique life form. They've never seen it, they've only heard its sound: 'Bloop'.

Episode 24: The Twilight Zone
A weird glowing fish has lured every fish in the area to its bioluminescence, and Kaiko and Will also fall under its spell.

Episode 25: Loki's Castle
While fighting over Viking treasure, the Nektons take over the Dark Orca. But the pirates in turn take over the Aronnax.

Episode 26: Tartaruga
The Nektons explore a floating island and find the final piece of the Ephemychron in a cave. But the island has a terrible secret.

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